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The WHA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization devoted to representing homeowners and property owners in the state of Wisconsin. Its mission is "to advance and promote issues of concern to all Wisconsin property owners."

According to WRA President Mike Theo, "The main purpose of the Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance is to protect people's property rights, home values, and the real estate market - issue by issue - on a statewide and local basis."

The Alliance will work on behalf of property owners by means of education and advocacy. Through education, the organization will keep the state's property owners informed of state and local regulatory issues that affect the ownership of property in Wisconsin. Advocacy efforts will focus on raising awareness of issues affecting Wisconsin property owners through general media communications and grassroots mobilization.

WRA President Mike Theo says the Alliance will keep state and local officials, and the public, aware of how various proposed policies could help - or hurt - housing and property ownership.

But unlike the WRA, the HOMEOWNERS Alliance is focused only on issues - not on electing or defeating candidates.


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